Quality Policy

The quality of the services provided, a characteristic of our Company’s identity, will be ensured by the policy undertaken in this regard, correlated with the other policies of the Company, aiming to meet the compliance obligations, requirements and expectations of all customers of the Company through:

  • continuous improvement of processes and activities;
  • effective monitoring of services; 
  • prevention of potential deficiencies;
  • increasing the responsibility and commitment of all staff, providing stability and confidence to our customers;
  • transition management;
  • effective management of risks and opportunities.


The management’s commitment to continuous maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System has declared its intention and determination to apply the requirements of this system responsibly and efficiently, including human, material, financial and information resources.

Quality management has as its main goal the performance orientation of the Company on all aspects of its activity, based on an internal organization system.

The effectiveness of the strategic objectives, including specific tangible measures, their implementation and maintenance, is regularly monitored in management reviews and, where necessary, appropriate amendments and corrective actions are established and implemented.

The Management strongly believes that by improving the Quality Management System, the Company’s activities will become more efficient and ensure an important place on the market.

The Company has set out its commitment to apply the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

Through its Quality Policy, the Company undertakes to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 international standard requirements, compliance obligations, the effectiveness of strategic objectives being regularly monitored in management reviews.


General Manager,

Andrei Gegiu